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Dr. Said’s Worldwide Connection – Egypt | Dr. Mohammed H. Said, M.D., Ph.D., MPH

Dr. Said’s Worldwide Connection – Egypt
Tuesday December 7th, 2004

I have visited Egypt many times and I found the Egyptian people to be very friendly. Though I was against the late President Jamal Abdul Nasser because of idealogical differences and because of bad experience of his government which I will explain in detail. I cried when he died as he was a symbol of the Arab nationalism. The last time I visited Egypt was in March 1976 when I joined a trade misison in Cairo headed by governor Arthur Link from North Dakota (as I was a physician practising in a small town, Carrington, North Dakota) who had a meeting with late President Anwer Sadat. Then we headed to Amman, Jordan stopping briefly in Beirut, Lebanon in the middle of the civil war where the Palestinians were guarding the airport. During our visit in Jordan I met my wife, (the mother of my children and married during that brief period) I will be elaborating on this trip which has very important events in the social, political and economical fields.

29 March 1979 Letter from congressman Andrews concerning Israeli-Egyptian treaty

Letter from Mark Andrews, M.C.
House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

March 29, 1979
Dr. Mohammad H. Said
Clinical Associate – Department of Internal Medicine
University of North Dakota
Hankinson, North Dakota 58041

Dear Dr. Said:
Bill has told me about your visit with him and has conveyed your position on the Egypt-Israel treaty. I greatly appreciated your stopping by. I’m terribly sorry I was in committee because it would have been nice to visit with you personally.

I commend you for doing a good job through the North Dakota media in explaining your position and that of several hundred of your countrymen in North Dakota. It’s bound to be effective, particularly since you have the experience of having lived in the Middle Fast. Your credentials are far better than most spokesmen on this touchy issue.

I share your concerns about the treaty, which was signed with such great fanfare while you were in Washington. You no doubt have noted there are already some serious signs of deterioration. The Washington Post today, for example, carries the report of Egypt expressing great displeasure with the United States over our military support commitments to Israel.

What bothers me so much–as I’m sure it does you–s that this is a treaty engineered by President Carter, involving two nations, but apparently ignoring eight or nine other major countries in that highly volatile part of the world.
While I commend the President for his noble and dedicated efforts, I have my fingers crossed as to whether it will hold together. Bill tells me you are predicting a minimum of two months, and a maximum of six, before it falls apart.

You may be sure, Dr. Said, that your thoughts on this very important matter will be kept in mind whenever the House takes any pertinent action. Again, thank you sharing your views with me. This is very helpful.